The History of the Bottle Opener and Getting a Customized One

14 May

It does not come as a surprise to anyone that drinking beer is one of the most famous pastimes and that breweries have been doing very well in the recent past. There has been an increase in jobs in the small breweries by a very large percent in the last few years. Even though beer prices keep on rising, individuals are still purchasing craft been at very high rates. The premium craft beers that are usually produced by the small companies are getting more consumers that the big brands. While you can get the beer in the brewery, you can even carry more of it home. For you to open it at home, you need a bottle opener. To learn more about bottle opener, visit this article. This is a church-key. While this sounds like a contradiction, some connection dates some years back.

Begin with, the name church-key was first printed in the year 1951. Nevertheless, some people thought that the term had been mentioned earlier and had been used before. Before then, in the 1930s, the way been was sold began to change. While it used to be bottled, manufacturers were now shifting to cans. The cans of that time needed some tools to open. It came with a sharp point that was attached to a strip of flat metal at the end. To allow the beer flow freely from it, the can was pierced on both sides. Hence, the opening of the can of beer was seen as an analogy of door opening, such as the way the church door is opened.

Afterward, a number of the bottle openers began resembling the church keys even in their appearance although the original one did not have the same appearance. To learn more about bottle opener, visit With time, the openers became larger with the bottle opener`s mouth seen as resembling the key`s handle. You now know the history of the name. However, most importantly, you need to own one.

If you want to have a bottle opener which you will tag along where you go, then you would not want to have just the normal ones. It is important to have a quality one which befits your status. One of the options is going for a classic shape in which a majority of people think of when the word bottle opener comes to mind. The choice of this opener cannot go wrong. However, it is possible to customize your bottle opener where some online design lab is used for the creation of the opener that you want. Learn more from

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